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Respect in Sport


Respect in Sport is an effective tool for you to be prepared to recognize the warning signs and know how to respond. This on-line training course, is a tool designed to assist you in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport. As a coach, this course will better protect you and the athletes in your care. Respect in Sport is an internationally recognized program developed in conjunction with, and based upon, materials from the Red Cross. By engaging with a trusted partner you can have confidence that your training will be thorough, objective and recognized throughout the world of sport. This also allows your certification to be transferrable across sporting organizations. Most coaches complete in about three hours total time; the time investment is small compared with the protection it offers your athletes. The technology is designed to be run on almost any computer with almost any type of Internet connection; you don't need to have a high-speed connection or a powerful computer to participate. Training can be worked into your schedule at your convenience, in the privacy of your own home or anywhere else you'd like to complete the training. Join the thousands of other coaches who have made this crucial step towards making the world of sport an even safer environment for our athletes.
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First Aid for Coaches, a component of Sport Safety Training, is a Web-based course developed by the American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis and the United States Olympic Committee. The course teaches American Red Cross first aid in the context of sport and the prevention of sport-related injuries. The participant will learn about becoming a more responsible coach and safely returning the athlete to play. The course will take four hours. Course participants will receive the Sport Safety Training handbook, a user-friendly quick reference tool that can be placed in a first aid kit for easy access in an emergency. First Aid for Coaches certification is valid for 3 years.
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